Scandinavian Minimalism:

Main colours: white, grey, muted neutral shades.
Furniture: simple shapes, natural materials, emphasis on functionality.
Additions: textiles with geometric patterns, natural elements (wood, plants).

Boho Chic:

Main colours: warm, natural shades (brown, orange, green).
Furniture: variety of styles and times, vintage elements, layering.
Complements: textiles with ethnic patterns, hanging rugs, plants, elements from art.

Urban Minimalism:

Main colours: black, white, grey, accent bright colours (red, blue).
Furniture: simple shapes, metal elements, laconic details.
Additions: abstract paintings, glass elements, geometric shapes.


Basic colours: light pastel shades (lavender, mint, white).
Furniture: wooden, light, with elements of carving, vintage items.
Additions: textiles with floral patterns, carpets, candles, baskets with dried flowers.


Basic colours: grey, black, concrete shades.
Furniture: Metal, with elements of industrial materials.
Additions: rough textiles, paintings with street scenes, factory-style lighting fixtures.


Primary colours: bold combinations of bright colours.
Furniture: a variety of styles and eras, combination of materials.
Additions: collages of different decor elements, antique items, colourful cushions.

Nautical Style:

Main colours: white, blue, brown.
Furniture: wooden, with elements of aging.
Additions: nautical elements (steering wheels, anchors), paintings with seascapes, textiles with stripes.


Primary colours: bold contrasting combinations.
Furniture: combination of styles and shapes, modern materials.
Additions: abstract artwork, unusual forms of lighting, colourful accents.

These design concepts provide a wide range of options for creating a unique interior in different rooms. The choice depends on your preferences, lifestyle and the functional requirements of the room.

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