In the exciting dance of music and design was born “Runner” – a video, which became not just a project, but a real exploration of new horizons of communication about design. This project has become a kind of bridge that connects two powerful arts – the art of creating beauty in visual form and the magic of music that reveals invisible worlds of feelings.

Italian design has always had a melody of storytelling. The products generated by the creative minds of designers became actors on a virtual stage where every line, every shape told its own unique story. Runner became a new actor in this virtual theatre production. This table, created by Marco Acerbis for Citterio, became the main character, entering into dialogue with a musical instrument, the cello.

The original soundtrack, created by the musician and composer Fabrizio Campanelli and reproduced live by the master Amerigo Daveri, does not simply accompany the process of discovering the design, but becomes an integral part of it. Music weaves visual and tactile perceptions together to create a unique symphonic work.

In Runner each moment becomes a separate note in the harmony of the day. The soundtrack gives the atmosphere of morning, afternoon silence and evening elegance. It immerses the viewer in a world where design is not just an object, but an experience. It is not just a video, but an art form where music and design dance in unison, creating a magic that lingers in the memory.

Runner is not just a story told in words; it is a symphony where every note, every line, every shadow, creates a harmony that leaves a mark on hearts and minds. In this project, we see how music and design come together to create something greater than the sum of its parts. This is visual and auditory poetry, where art becomes an integral part of everyday life.

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