In the world of design, sounds play as important a role as visual elements. Sound design influences our perceptions, emotions and even behaviour. Sounds in a space can create unique atmospheres, introduce rhythm and emphasise visual components.

Audio elements in interface design are becoming an integral part of the user experience. Audio feedback when interacting with apps and websites helps users better understand what is happening and creates a unique and recognisable style.

In architecture and space design, sounds also play a key role. The right sound elements can create cosiness, balance a space and even influence our perception of size. In this way, the soundscape becomes an integral tool for designers, adding a dimension that is not only audible but also felt.

Sound in design can also serve as a means of communication and brand expression. An original sound logo or audio branding helps to create recognition and emphasise a company’s unique features. Many successful brands strive to create a sound image that is associated with their values and style.

In the field of graphic design, sound can breathe life into static images. Sound effects used in web design or in presentations add dynamism and interactivity. Sound design also finds its application in the creation of animation, video editing and virtual reality, enhancing the visual experience and adding additional layers of meaning.

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